We're Team with a streamlined process

We can choose the necessary tools, focus on the task, and turn your idea into reality.

Web & Mobile Development

For modern Web & Mobile solution development, we use the technologies and the programming languages applicable to client requirements.

Design and Prototyping

Our primary focus is to look at the world through the eyes of our clients, to understand their needs, their wishes, and the tasks they need solutions for.

Support 24/7

We will be a reliable source of help to your projects by providing 24/7 support during the required period of time after implementation.

Digital Marketing

The full optimization of a project and its further promotion on the Internet will ensure the penetration required to drive clients directly to your message.

QA and Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing are of the most important in transitioning a completed project into your hands. Please contact us to get more detailed information.

...More than Just a Development

We build according to the best web-application development Techniques. All based on Evolutionary development methods where the development begins with Requirement researches, Design planning, followed by programming.

UX Design

At this stage the basic information turns into the User Interface layout, screens and navigation define the Product usability.

UI Design

This is the stage of the Product's visual and emotional perception. Here we create the graphical interface with which the user interacts.


This is the stage of development that turns the GIU into the fullyfunctioning web-interaction system.

Project Launch

The success of any product Launch is closely related to the precise compliance with the competent Development Methodology, which we follow.


We will help you develop your ideas into a vision with direction, next a plan to execute. We believe in your potential and intend to break down the borders.

Together we are limitless.
1. Briefing
We will hold a briefing with you, gather background information, and carefully study your requirements. At this stage, we will define the basic ideas and goals of the project in order to understand your intended result. We will also guide you in choosing the technologies needed to implement the features you want to showcase.
2. Information processing and Business Proposal preparation
Based on the information from the briefing stage, we will prepare a business proposal for you with an approximate estimation of the project costs and a timetable.
3. Technical documentation preparation
Once the previous stages are agreed on, we will prepare the project documentation: a technical specification, mockups, wireframes, etc. Using a clickable prototype, you will be able to see how your future project will work. Once you approve the technical documentation, we will begin the design and programming stage.
4. Project management
We will form a team of developers to work on your project. It will be managed and controlled by a dedicated project manager. Project management services are provided free of charge. Our Account manager will always be in touch with you. You will be able to contact him/her anytime for updates and information needed.
5. Process
The project manager will divide the whole scope of work into iterations. Each iteration usually lasts a week or two. At the end of each iteration a report will be generated, so you will be able to see what has been done and what is planned for the next iteration. Dividing the project into the iterations will allow you to add new features or implement new requirements, which will be taken into consideration in the next iteration.
6. Launch
Our services also include helping you launch your project. We will configure your server, choose the ideal hosting site and adapt your website for all modern browsers. If your project is a mobile application, we will upload the final product to the App Store and Google Play, later helping you with further updates.


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