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Website design development is an opportunity to receive a unique, memorable design of your project pages, made in accordance with corporate requirements, brand features, and any your wishes.

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Who needs Website design creation?

  • Corporate projects. The image-building website of the company or brand should be made in a certain color scheme, using corporate fonts and decor elements that enhance the brand recognition.
  • Development of website design for tourism and real estate. The unique bright design creates a special mood among visitors and is beneficial for sales volume increase.
  • Advertising web pages for products and services. Made in accordance with requirements of the advertising campaign and, at the same time, visitors convenience. Выполняются в соответствии с требованиями рекламной кампании и, одновременно, удобства посетителей сайта.
  • Online shops. Marketplaces design should be both recognizable and non-intrusive. On the one hand, the buyer's attention should be concentrated on the product. On the other hand, if a user recognizes the shop during the second visit, the trust to the marketplace increases.

Besides, a website design development will be useful for anyone who aims to make own project recognizable and maximally convenient.

Main stages of web design development

In our company, the design and development of a website include a special focus on the usability of a project, as well as the attractiveness from the target audience point of view.

  1. Setting objectives. During the interview and based on the Brief, we identify the requirements, wishes, and preferences of the customer.
  2. The concept of the design. Ideas of design decisions are based among other things on the studying the project subject, the most popular solutions of competitors, tastes, and preferences of the target audience.
  3. The detailed drawing of the website design. Is made on the basis of the approved concept and color scheme.
  4. Working through the details. We design the menu, buttons, choose fonts for headers and text blocks, other elements. Layout. Conversion to HTML. Traditionally, it is considered as a separate service, it is included in the cost of the website design only in agreement with the customer. After that, the customer gets the ready HTML-code, prepared for installation on the selected CMS (website engine).
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Adaptive design and websites creation

The price of the adaptive design of the website is slightly higher than of the traditional one with a fixed width and location of information blocks. Adaptive websites are equally convenient and attractive on both the big screen of a personal computer and on small screens of smartphones, tablets, other portable devices.

If you plan to order a website design with the adaptive layout, it is important to clarify this requirement at the stage of setting the task. Whereby, it is important to understand that the development of the adaptive websites is slightly limits the designer’s capabilities.

On the other hand, if you do not plan to create a separate mobile application, it is the most profitable and practical solution to order a website with an adaptive design. Your website will be receiving the maximum traffic, including the one from mobile devices. It will be comfortable for users. At the same time, the cost of website design together with the development of adaptability is much lower than the development of an additional mobile application.

Our advantages

Modern design solutions that take into account the modern trends and customer requirements. Study of the needs and features of the perception of the target audience for each project. Well-considered usability and concepts testing. The best ideas and professional implementation of the design for any site.

How much do web design services cost?

Our web design studio is ready to make for you the complexed development and design of the website, or only create a website design for your CMS. Timeline and cost of the project are calculated individually, based on the Technical Requirements Specification.

Our company works with customers from a variety of countries and regions. You can order the website development and/or design from New York, Toronto, Sydney, or from any other city.

Are you interested in a website design development? Find out the price after a free of charge consultation!

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