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Mobile iOS applications are intended to be installed on iPads, iPhones, and other portable Apple devices. Development of applications for business or entertainment, services or communication - is an important tool for a business evolvement or making a profit from investing in a start-up.

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  • Business applications increase the customer loyalty and simultaneously reduce the workload of employees through the automation.
  • In the banking and financial sector, mobile applications have become an integral part of the customer service a long time ago.
  • Various applications allow you to play and communicate, book a taxi or tickets, make purchases and much more.

The development of financial applications helps users to control costs, fitness applications - to monitor the physical activity, medical applications - to control the sleep quality, blood pressure, and pulse.

While creating iOS applications, it is important to consider design standards, use built-in tools such as HealthKit (collection of health information), Siri (voice assistant), etc. For most applications, you will also need to develop a server part: a database, an administrator's web service, etc.

Benefits of investing in iOS applications

  • The high financial solvency. The iPhone users - are the people who value the status and high quality. They are more likely to pay for goods and services through the application than others.
  • The average age of the users is 18 to 34 years. The young, ambitious people are actively interested in innovations and novelties.
  • 53% of iOS users regularly make purchases on the Internet. Development of bulletin boards, taxi or food delivery services, financial or business or any other applications creates the chance to get high profits, increase customer loyalty and even change the world.
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Why us?

Profound knowledge of the iOS features allows us to implement any kind of projects, including the ones which require using the HealthKit, SIRI assistant, as well as integration with other solutions. We provide the technical support and promotion of the application. Our company guarantees the flexible approach to every project and favorable prices for the iOS applications development.

How do we work?

Do you need to develop the application for a restaurant, trade or start-up? Do you want to earn money on social networks, games, communication? We are ready to implement your project of any complexity.

  1. Based on the results of a detailed interview with the client, we create the functional specification and the tasks backlog.
  2. We study your competitors, identify strengths and weaknesses.
  3. We create the UX design, develop and test user interfaces.
  4. We draw up the design of all screens and elements (UI design).
  5. We programme the functionality of the application and the server part.
  6. We test the ready solutions under stress load.
  7. We deliver the project "on a turn-key basis".

Terms and cost of the project are calculated individually and depend on the complexity of implementation. For instance, the development of a social networking application is a combination of a large number of scenarios, a high speed of work even under "peak" loads, and an attractive intuitive interface. And if you want to develop a taxi service application, you will have to pay special attention to the connection of an online map with the definition of GPS coordinates, a wide choice of payment options, development of a rating system and feedback.

You can order the iOS mobile application in New York, Toronto, Sydney, or in any other city – we work with any countries and regions.

Find out the cost and timeline of your iOS application development - the consultation is free of charge!

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